The Trump Man

The Movement Spreading Across America

The Trump Man ... Enough Already! You know the Trump card is always a winner ... whether you support Donald Trump for President or not he's about winning. Donald is leading the conversation ... we need America to win again. America is in decline .. things needs to be fixed. Please contribute your voice and skills to the conversation,

The Trump Man project was inspired at a cocktail party by a bunch of nobody Americans. Not Republicans or Democrats just Americans. With the contribution of three local musicians and the support of dozens of friends and family this project was born.

Our 'Apprentice' assignment was to use our skills to make our donation to the cause. This is what we created with our own resources. Now it's time to launch and expand this community. Are you in?

Download The Trump Man .mp3 here!

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2:40 Short Version Right Click & Save As

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We don't have money and we don't know Donald. We don't have video skills either as you can see. Do you have talents? Your 'Apprentice' assignment is RIGHT HERE! ... Can you create a video with our song? Please share if do!

There's a New American Movement Happening Right Now! ... We hope You're In?